Pool System Repair & Maintenance  

We can repair pool pumps, heaters, commercial or residential equipment, and make sure you have the proper system for your pool. For example, if a pump is too large for the pool, it uses extra energy – making the cost of energy bills higher than necessary.

Aquatic Isles Pool Services can help pool owners choose the right pump and heating systems for their pools, and ensure that their systems run smoothly.

  • Equipment Repair 
  • Cartridge Filter Clean / Replace
  • DE Filter Clean / Replace
  • Call for Estimate (price includes start-up chemicals and filter cleaning): 561-367-7946
  • Sign Up for Weekly Service: Customers May Receive Discounts On Equipment Repairs  
  • Should we detect a problem with your pool system equipment, we will contact you with an estimate prior to making repairs. We will not perform repairs without prior authorization.   


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To schedule a consultation, please call (561) 367-7946.

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